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AntiDUST® tape is made of a strong non-woven material which is designed to adapt without difficulty to the expansion and contraction of multi-wall sheets.

–  AntiDUST® tape keeps multi-wall sheets crystal clear.

Correct moisture control in the channels of the multi-wall sheet is essential for guaranteeing the transparency or translucency and long life of the panels. Moisture condenses in the channels of the multi-wall panels due to differences in exterior and interior temperature. If this moisture is not removed, it will lead to the growth of algae and mold. Leaving the channels open may seem like a practical solution, but it does not prevent dust and insects from entering the channels, which greatly reduces the crystal clarity! Simply installing an aluminum or plastic profile to the edges of the panels without using AntiDUST® tape will not be enough protection against impurities.

AntiDUST® tape, a patented product, guarantees the ideal level of cleanliness and condensation control in the channels of the multi-wall sheets. In addition, since AntiDUST® tape is made of strong non-woven materials and is backed with a specially modified acrylic adhesive, it adjusts without difficulty to the natural expansion and contraction of the multi-wall sheet. AntiDUST tape® is available in three types and several widths, perfect for a number of applications (see specifications).

A recommended tape, for example, for the top edge of panels used in roofing applications is AntiDUST® tape G3600 series, an impermeable sealing tape with no filter or perforations. For the bottom edge, AntiDUST® tape AD3400 series vent tape (a.k.a. filter or breather tape) is used, providing venting perforations which are covered by a modified filter to prevent environmental contaminants from entering while allowing condensation within the multi-wall panels to drain out.

The special pore size of the filter ensures the continuous removal of condensation. The filter has a durable fungicidal coating which prevents it from becoming clogged by the growth of algae and mold.

Roof AD4500

As architects become more and more ambitious with multi-wall projects and demands for lower pitched roofs increase, we have responded accordingly. As you may know, lower pitch roofs can struggle to drain condensation effectively and as such they need a vent tape that offers the best possible exit for moisture. Especially for lower pitch polycarbonate roofs, we have developed a full-width filter tape with advanced capillary action which is available for use in those challenging projects. With our filter tape, your projects will keep up its appearances!

In short, the AD4500 AntiDUST® tape offers all the benefits of our AD3400 series, but with the added advantage of full-width drainage to help the performance of condensate evacuation especially for the lower pitch polycarbonate sheets.


We offer the AD4500 AntiDust® tape in different standard widths and lengths.